adding insult to injury

You Smell That?

smoked adaptor photoThe power adapter on my PowerBook nearly caught fire on Saturday. I plugged it into the wall, and went into the kitchen for a glass of water. By the time I came back the room smelled of melted(ing) plastic. I had a fan, a ceiling fan, and a lamp on at the time; so I proceeded to blood hound my way around the room. I finally deduced that it was my power adapter. It was very hot to the touch, hot enough to burn my hand – so I grabbed a shirt to use as a oven-mitt and quickly unplugged the thing. The wire leading from the power brick to the laptop was melted and shorted – its useless.

I was stuck with 18 minutes of battery life left and no way to charge it. I called Apple and they’re shipping me a new one, but it wont be here for a week. I snagged one from CompUSA so I’m back in business. I’ve been meaning to get one for work and home anyway. Seven days with out a computer, are you kidding me?