For the life of me I couldn’t sleep last night. I remember looking at the clock and seeing 4:15. Maybe it’s the heat wave we’re having. Two days in a row with record breaking highs will keep anyone up at night. I mean seriously, temperatures in the 50’s in January – in Minnesota!?!

Things I saw today that I don’t ever remember seeing in January before:

Joggers, wearing t-shirts no less

Blue sky

People walking their dog

A picnic


People walking, not quickly scurrying indoors – normally skin freezes in 0.04 seconds in January


Clean cars (normally this time of year all you see is a layer of salt and dirty snow clumps)

Things I would expect to have seen, but didn’t:



Plow truck

Ice scraper

Zambonie (well, I didn’t)


Tow truck


Oh hell, you get the idea.