adding insult to injury


Tonight the Twins will try to prove to New York that game 1 wasn’t a fluke, and that bling-bling salaries doesn’t always mean playoff wins. Speaking of Winnesota, here is some more good reasons to cheer on the local teams:

  • Kevin Garnet signed a deal to stay with the wolves until he gets a senior citizen discount at home games.
  • The Gophers Football team is in the top 20.
  • Local football teams SCSU and St. Johns here in St. Cloud are ranked nationally in their divisions.
  • The Gophers hockey team is going for it’s record third national championship in a row.
  • The Wild are coming off a playoff year, and will fare well if they sign a few more of last years heroes.
  • The Vikings are 4 and 0 on the season and on a 7 game winning streak if you go back to 2002. Oh, and the Packers are 2-2.
  • The WNBA Lynx made it to the playoffs with their best season yet – ok that’s pushing it.

All that said, it’s going to take a bit of luck to beat the Yanks on their home field again, and the Vikes are playing with a backup quarterback and have had a mostly fluff schedule as of yet. So I’m not counting my eggs, just hopping for the best.