adding insult to injury

Wild Goose Chase

About a week ago I went into the basement to discover a problem with my pc (yes, I own a PC). It was running but there was nothing on the display. I went through the usual mouse wiggles, keyboards pressing, wire jiggling routine to make sure all was well; still no display. I rebooted the pc to which nothing came up.

Crap. It must be the display.

Now, the display is an Apple 15″ monitor that came with my Performa 638TV – a 40 Mhz (yes Mhz) mac that I bought back in high-school. It survived through dorm life, which was a miracle, and has been my main monitor for years. I assumed it was toast. The roomy had access to a 17″ monitor and had his mom drop it off. I hooked it up, and it behaved the same way.

Crap. It must be the graphics card.

I talked to the pc experts at worked and ordered a GeForce FX 5900 graphics card. Hooked it up — still nothing.

Crap. It must be the power supply — for the third time.

I thought maybe one of the voltages was off. I hooked it up to a power supply tester. All green, all good.

Crap. Must be the mother board.

I then proceeded to flip flop from buying a barebones system and salvaging what I could from my pc, and buying a new Dell. I was at the payment screen a couple of times.

I should really make sure that monitor is good. Hooked up the second display to my PowerBook. Nothing.

Crap. It was the damn monitor the whole time.

Ordering a new monitor today.