adding insult to injury

When a Tell Isn’t Always a Tell

I, or rather we, should have read the Bet Fest post, How to Beat Women in Poker before our impromptu 8 person poker game last night. I played horrible. I was twice ousted by the girl who we taught how to play about an hour before.

She kept squeaking out sweet little phrases like, “is 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 good?” right after someone goes all in. Or my favorite, “How much do I need to put in to stay” when she’s holding the absolute nuts. In the second game she busted out every single player, not one guy survived her petite poker onslaught.

At least she was humble with her winnings, especially when she had 2 outs left with only the river card to come and was about 6% chance of winning – and took out V.