Last night all the major networks locally broadcast the Wellstone Memorial Democratic Political Rally. MPR has an audio archive of the entire thing, but if you want to hear the dirt listen to Rick Kahn, and Mark Wellstone.

3 hours of free prime time, commercial free promotion seems a bit unfair, unethical. I’m not politically active and have no loyalty to any party, but if I was a republican – I’d be pissed. Lines were defiantly crossed in my opinion.

I admit I didn’t see the entire thing, but was appalled by the amount of political grandstanding that was displayed, especially by Kahn. I can’t hardly fault his son Mark, but when he was chanting “We will win!” over and over with the crowd, I started to feel a little uncomfortable. I wasn’t the only one. Read the comments at the end of this St. Cloud Times article.

Tie all this in with the fact that the democratic party asked Dick Cheyne not to attend because it would “over shadow” the event, and all starts to smell a bit too fishy.

Polls indicate that Wellstone’s replacement, former vice president Walter Mondale has a comfortable lead of 47% to 39%.