adding insult to injury

Watching Orginal Star Wars after Episode III

I have a weblog and therefor I must spew forth a review of all things Star Wars. So, I saw Episode III Revenge of the Sith and I was quite impressed — albeit with low expectations going in. After the last two craptastic Episodes my hopes were not high. If you took the time to watch all the others, you may as well watch this one, as there is a significant amount of action to make it worth while.

Seeing as how the series is now “complete”, I thought I’d continue on to the next episode. I popped in the original star wars (episode IV) shortly after I watched the new one… Big mistake.

All the super jedi master skills of the thrid, made the light-saber skills of old man obi-one versus the mighty vader look like a couple of 5 year olds with sticks. Granted it was filmed in the 70’s but come on, did’t anyone know how to wield a light-saber back then?