adding insult to injury

Warmed Up

I attended a fantastic house warming party on Saturday. My bud has been working on the house for months now, and it’s really looking good. He’s got a nice 34″ 16×9 flat tv built into the wall above the fireplace. In the kitchen he put in custom concrete countertops, poured in his garage, and sweet stainless kitchen setup. The house looks like something out of trading spaces if there designers were actually good. I should have taken pictures.

I should inform you that he supplied beer and food for the event so my opinion my be a bit influenced – that and he had the ultimate tail-gating grill on hand. It mounts to the hitch receiver on the back of a pickup just like those little bike racks that you see on the back of mini-vans. It’s a charcoal grill about two feet by four feet with a chimney stack out the top. It made some bad-ass fajitas for 50 without breaking a sweat. I have to have one.