adding insult to injury


Did anyone catch the Political Rally disguised as a Video Music Award show last night? It was an opulent event to be sure, with political statements inserted every three minutes and no doubt chock full of subliminal messaging. There was also plenty of the not so subliminal “BUY GAP CLOTHING ” message force fed in no less than 4.12 billion commercials. I should have Tivo’d the damn thing.

Big news and events at the MTV Video Music Awards:

  • Dave Chapelle apologized to Lil Jon for ruining his life. Whuuuuuuuat.
  • Jay-Z announced his retirement — again.
  • Kerry’s daughters were boo’d.
  • Bush’s daughters were sober.
  • Usher said that the comparison of him and Justin is finally over with this win. Note to Usher: no one was comparing you. You just made yourself look like an ass.
  • The Olson twins thanked the crowd for their recent support. Not sure if they supplied them with coke or a barf bag.
  • Tony Hawk (yes that Tony Hawk) won a Video Music Award. Huh?
  • A Polyphonic cult was allowed on stage, no word on wether or not they’ve drank to Kool-aid yet.
  • 50 Cent Won the purple heart.
  • Alecia Key’s paid tribute to Ray Charles, and then did a set with Stevie Wonder to remind us that he’s still alive.
  • Christina left most of her piercings at home, but still managed to trash it up a bit.
  • Wayne Coyne of the Flaming lips is the next bubble-boy.