I had a blast at the Twins game on Saturday. They won, so we picked a good game to go to – the Twins got blasted by the White Sox in every other game in this 4 game home series. There were lots of hits and lots of great catches.

I’d like to give props to the guy two sections over who continually screamed WOOOOOOO! for the last two innings and all the way to his parking garage. I didn’t see it on the menu at any of the concession stands, but this guy was definitely a “Red Balls” drinker. I’d also like to give a shout out to the woman directly in front of me (not pictured) who decided the dome was a private enough place to breast feed – thanks a lot for pointing that out to me Josh. There just has to be a better place to get that done.

I like the look of the new turf in the dome, somehow shag carpet really works with the 20+ year old stadium. You can tell by the number of times the Twins bunt for base hits that the new turf plays really slow. I don’t think the efforts to steam roll the turf during the twins last road trip had much effect.