I spent the entire afternoon Saturday at Lord Fletchers on Lake Minnetonka. The people that frequent that place are from an entirely different world then I live in.

The first things you notice are the 200,000 dollar boats, and a parking lot that looks like an H2 dealership, but the differences go a lot deeper than that. At the table next to us, for example, they were talking about riding in the limo the other night with Tara Reid and Fez. Which isn’t “hey, Hugh flew us down to Cobo” cool but it’s deffinatly bragable as a sweet night out. They, however, were talking about it like it was absolutely no big deal. Just like I’d say, “yeah I bought groceries last night” they were like “yeah I was clubin’ with Tara last night”.

I was waiting for my chance to bust into my own version the “Hey you know Sergio?” scene on that citrus liquor commercial – and fly all over the country in bling-bling private jet style, but I guess no one there knew Sergio. Also, I’m aware I can’t pull off using bling in s sentence- just humor me.