adding insult to injury

Trading Inspiration

coverWhile watching Trading Spaces at 3:00 Sunday afternoon, I thought “shoot, I can do that”. So I decided I needed to paint at least one room in my house some color other than white.

I hopped up and started taping my upstairs bathroom. Then I headed off to the home improvement holy land and picked out some paint. The only things I can remember painting were a fort and a model rocket in fifth grade, so I was lacking in the skill department. I believe I set a world record for “slowest cut-in” on the ceiling, but it didn’t turn out all that bad – and it only required one coat.

The only real problem is that I’m color blind. The color I thought I saw on the little color swatch at Menards was a silvery steal grey color, but turns out it was pretty much baby blue. Oh, and when I took the picture I was still shaking, high from the paint fumes so it’s a bit blurry.