adding insult to injury

Time for an Overhaul

I’m sure you didn’t notice, but if you’re reading this, I’ve just switched weblog engines. I went from a php/mysql based, and now defunct, content management system called B2 to the most actively developed CMS solution around, Movable Type.

This will mean absolutely nothing to most of you, but you geeks out there are sure to notice the subtle changes. I had to export the 1,000+ entries and the 2,000+ comments from the mysql tables to the flat file database that MT runs. That means the archives are now thousands of files on my server rather than thousands of records in the database. Also, links are now to actual files rather than SQL queries and results. In the conversion some things may have been lost, and there is still a lot of work left. Certain things will look a little strange while I’m still massaging the data and patching old links to new files, so let me know if anything is broke.