…but I’ll probably buy it anyway.

First, Apple, has been calling Quicktime 6 the bee’s knees for like a year now. I purchased the Pro version of Quicktime 5 not too long ago hoping to be able to migrate forward to Quicktime 6 with some sort of discount. Want to upgrade to Quicktime 6? Same price as if I never bought Quicktime 5. The kicker, very few upgrade features that I’ll actually use. Damn you Apple.

Second, Apple gives us the fancy iTools email and web hosting service and says you get this email address, free for life. Then, when you use it religiously and have told all of your friends to use this email address (for 3 years), they decide to charge you $100 for it, but I’m supposed to be happy they’re only charging me $50 for the first year. Bite me. They should just let the email part stay free, and you have to pay to take advantage of the rest of the features. (the extended features are easily worth the price, but come-on now I can’t abuse the free email service)

Third, they aren’t giving an upgrade discount from 10.1 to 10.2. And if you buy a Mac between now and Aug 24 they will only charge you 20 bucks to upgrade to 10.2. Only?? Bite my ass.

I’ve gotten too used to Apple giving us really cool stuff for free, I guess it’s about time we pay for some of it. And it is damn cool!