adding insult to injury

The Story Behind the Beer Kaese Cheese Photo

ass cheeseThe tennant and I were at the grocery store, picking out what we’re going to grill next. Since we were there, we thought we’d get some cheese too. Looking through the cheese shelf at the local CashWise, we saw “Beer Kaese”.

It says Beer, has to be good — right? We bought it.

At home, he had opened the package and ate some while I was out of the kitchen. When I came into the room, I threw a paper towel into the garbage.

“Wooooof the garbage stinks” I say, not noticing the half eaten piece of cheese in the garbage can. I then turned and noticed the cheese was open and asked “is it any good?” “Why don’t you try it” he says trying not to bust up laughing (strait out of Dumb and Dumber).

“Ffweeooo it stinks over here too” I say, not yet putting two and two together. I cut a piece of the ass cheese and I’m about to take a bite, but when the piece passed in front of my nose on the way to my mouth – instinkt took over. In an obvious fight or flight reflex my hand opened up and dropped the cheese to the floor – precious millimeters from my tung.

Me: “Oh my god does it taste like it smells”
Tenant: “Worse” – laughing so hard tears are coming out.
Me: “How in the hell did you eat it?”
Tenant: “Well, I paid 4 bucks for it, I had to at least try it”

I’m sure this was partial payback for the College Acceptance Letter Incident.