My old college roommate and his wife just had a baby. On our way back from the wedding I got a chance to stop in and see. Here is a picture (scan of a Polaroid) of Jacob, my girlfriend, and I. He’s a cute little guy, but this photo of us three freaks me out a little…

Jacob, Josh, and Christine had a rough week. He was born on Sunday, a few days late. They took him home Tuesday, but had to bring him back in on Wednesday because he had a temperature. The poor little guy had a spinal tap done, and a bunch of blood work, not to mention the circumcision the day before. He is doing great now. He’s on antibiotics and is back at home.

Josh was supposed to be a groomsman in the wedding, but the complications with Jacob didn’t allow that to happen. It was OK because they upgraded an usher to groomsman and the wedding went great. Josh and Christine were missed at the wedding but no hard feelings, they have their priorities where they should be, and everyone understood why they were not able to attend.

Wedding summary is in the works.