Bachelor party number two on the year is complete. It was a blast.

Ozzy (aka Chad my college roommate) is getting married on the 18th so we were cutting the party a little close. This was a smart move because it gives his wife-to-be little time to call it off if we get too wild. (to my knowledge she hasn’t talked to him since the party)

We started the day early with 18 holes of golf at Wapicada Country Club. The course is semi-private, so a dozen guys drinking beer and driving carts drew a bit of attention from the course rangers – especially because BYOB was prohibited. They should have searched our bags.

Ozzy at one point stole one of my group’s carts and left in on the next hole. Yes, he was drunk by about the 12th hole at 2:30 in the afternoon. What a lightweight.

Next, it was on to Robbins’ house to grill, shoot pool, and give Ogre time to freshen up. After the cookout we hit the bars in downtown St. Cloud. All was going fine until a fight broke out next to Ozzy. He jumped in and helped the bouncers break it up; I would have but I couldn’t find a safe place for my beer. Time to move to a new spot.

The final destination for the evening was a gentleman’s club, Sugar Daddies. They are open until 4:00 am, and thats all I have to say about that.

To crash for the night we had a couple of hotel rooms and a lot of tired people. The event was your typical saturday night in St. Cloud, I think most everyone had a good time – until they checked thier wallets the next day. Damn those $5 sodas.