The MVP is still in good hands...I was treated to a great surprise on Tuesday night. I was invited by a friend to the Timberwolve’s game verses the Charlotte Bobcats. I liked watching Okafor in college so I thought it would be a great game to go see. She told me the tickets were: “I donno, in the corner, maybe lower deck”. We’ll to my surprise they were best seats in the house. Third row, right behind the t-wolves bench!

The game is so much fun! It’s a good idea to have enough cash on hand to pay for event parking, before you get downtown for the game. I found a bar that I thought for sure would have an ATM, but the bartender said, you could use the one at Rick’s but it’s got a $15 service charge. Yeah, I’m not about to go into a titty bar for parking money, that’s just not the type of guy I am… well that, and I had a girl with me who would have rather I spit in her eye than take her inside — besides the machine probably only spits out singles.

So, we arrive at the game early enough to see the milling about before they announce the stating line ups — from the fantastic seats in the third row (did I mention that yet?). We met a couple at the game and the female half of the couple was a huge HUGE Mark Madsen fan (aka Mad-dog). So she’s trying to talk to him while he’s wondering around the court and to my surprise, he acknowledges her comments with a smile and a wave. Nice guy. During a TV timeout after the game she asked him if they could have a picture taken after the game to which he politly replied: “I would be there real strict about after the game”. So she yells, “that’s ok I still love you Mad-dog!” Mad-dog got a huge smile on his face, then looked around to see if any of the coaches were paying attention. Then he said, the second the game is over, right here (*gestures behind bench*) and I’ll pose with you. He then cleared it with the security guard. Sure enough, the second the game was over, he remembered her name, posed quickly as the coaches were shaking hands and then suck into the locker room. It was the nicest thing I’ve seen a pro player do. Mad-dog is awesome!

A couple friends of mine saw us on TV. One tried to text me, and saw me go for my phone on tv. Funny. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to get that close to the action of an NBA game, I suggest you take it.