adding insult to injury

The ‘must use’, camera phone website

See those five photos up above? I’m experimenting with what I’ve decided is a fantastic website if you have a camera phone – or friends with camera phones. It’s called Flickr. It only takes about 5 minutes to set up. Once you do, you can send pictures from your phone to flickr and they are automatically placed in a prebuilt weblog for you – with comments. It’s all for free. You can decide who gets to see the photos, friends or everyone.

You can also embed photos in another website as I’ve done here; as well as a bunch of other geeky stuff I’m not going to mention here.

Basically, if you want a place to share all the crap you snap with your camera, this is about the easiest way to do it. Or maybe you have a camera and never use it because you don’t have anyone to show the pictures to – use this.

I set up a public group called “What Are You Grilling” to encourage snapshots of charcoal goodness. You can set up private groups so only you and your friends can see the trouble you’re causing.

Click on the photos above to check it all out.

Ok. Sign up, and go out and get smashed and take pictures of funny crap.