adding insult to injury

The Hit

If you watched the Twins game last night, you know about “The Hit”. Not a base hit or a home run, but the full speed linebacker hurt that Hunter laid down on the White Sox catcher on a tag up run home. They will be playing that highlight for years to come. It takes a lot to get ESPN to talk about the small market Twins, but that hit got front page.

Apparently the Sox fans weren’t too happy about the play. I can’t imagine why? Torii only went about 3 feet out of his way and then, Schpladow! No big deal.

When Hunter went to the on-deck circle to bat in top of the ninth, fans showered him with taunts and heckling. One fan took it too far, allegedly threatening Hunter’s life, and sparked a brief heated exchange before the fan was escorted away by security.

“When I heard ‘I’ll kill you,’ I lost it,” Hunter said. “Don’t talk about it in front of these kids. … Somebody should have gotten him out of there a long time ago.

“The guy was reaching over … I was hoping he’d come on the field so I could whup his ass. I can’t go in the stands, but if you come on the field, that’s a free ass whupping. That’s stupid, I’ve got a bat in my hands.”