All I wanted to do is ship a prepaid, pre-labeled package via FedEx.

First attempt at shipping package from FedEx World Distribution Center…

  • FedEx Reject – What’s this?
  • Me – It’s a prepaid package I need shipped to the address on this FedEx shipping label.
  • FedEx Reject – What do you want me to do with it?
  • Me – Umm, ship it to the address on the label.
  • FedEx Reject – I’m confused.
  • Me – It’s prepaid, all you have to do is stick it on a truck and the bar code will do the rest.
  • FedEx Reject – Our packages don’t have “bar codes”.
  • Me – … <waiting for punchline> …
  • FedEx Reject – Next please.

1 Hour Later with a different FedEx employee, same FedEx location…

  • Me – Here you go.
    <hands FedEx girl the package>

  • New FedEx girl – Thanks! You’re all set!
    <scans bar code, puts package on belt leading to truck>

  • Me – Thanks!