adding insult to injury

T-Wolves In Da House

I was heading downtown in St. Cloud on Saturday night, when I received a call from my friend, “I’m in the Carpet standing next to Flip Saunders, get in here now”. The wolves preseason practice facility is just out of town, and the nicest hotel in the area is across the street from The Red Carpet Night Club.

The team had the loft overlooking the main stage all to themselves. It looked like they were hazing some of the rookies, because Quincy Lewis and Mark Madsen were on stage acting as MC’s, calling up some guys to sing. Deep and Wide and the Hokey Pokey were their choices, and they were horrible.

It was cool to see the players out, but sad at how big of a deal a lot of people made of the situation. I heard the entire team was there, but I didn’t see all of them. Stood next to Sprewell, and saw a few others plain as day, but I didn’t get a look at Wally or Garnett though I’m told they were there too. I really need to get a camera-phone for moments like this.

We of course had to call Robbler and let him know that we were out on the town, his girlfriend was there, oh and the t-wolves too. All the while he was stuck in Indiana. Poor Robbler.