adding insult to injury

Starting, finishing the basement

Operation frame the basement just got the green light today – my permit application was approved. My brothers and my dad will be over on sunday to frame it up. Right now it’s just plastic over insulation and no interior walls. I should really take some pictures… maybe tomorrow. I’ve got all the materials piled in the basement for this phase of the project.

I figure the four of us should be able to relocate the washer, dryer, and sink to the soon to be built laundry/utility room and plumb it in. The laundry room is currently where the office is, I’m going to combine the furnace room with the laundry room and that should give me room for an office. On Sunday we should also get the walls for all the rooms in place. Electric is next, then I think it will be sheet rock.

Here is a mockup of what we’re up to. It’s far far from accurate to scale, but give me a break, I made it with a flow charting tool in a hurry.