adding insult to injury

Sports Celeb Invasion

I have officially joined the paparazzi.

Yesterday I was about to go to lunch when a couple of buds stopped in and said that Corey Chavous and Jack Brewer of the Minnesota Vikings were at the McDonalds just up the road. Apparently they’re in town for a radio show, and stopped on their way through for some grease.

I hopped in my truck and headed over. I pulled up near the unmistakable Cadillac Escalade truck “rollin’ on twenty-twos” that looked so out of place it just had to be theirs – not a lot of bling-bling rides in the STC.

Anyway, I saw Brewer walking out and readied my camera, then he looked right at me and I felt lame and didn’t take a shot. I figure he was working through the gut rot and didn’t want to be bothered, besides it’s the first day off of the Viking bye week. So, I went through the drive through and was about to head out when I noticed their ride across the street waiting for a car wash. Ah, what the hell.