Remember when you were a kid and you prayed for a snow day? Yesterday, I had one – only I didn’t know it. What I mean is: I planned on going to work, I wanted to go to work, I tried to go to work, many other people were able to go to work, but the damn plow guy for my apartment building decided he didn’t want to plow me out until 6:00 PM. Granted we did get upwards of 14 inches of wet snow that made for a tough plow, but come-on. So I was “working from home”, but at about 2:30 my boss told me to call it a snow day.

Later, while I was on the phone with my landlord for the 3rd time, inquiring about plowing efforts, or lack thereof, I watched an Ice Cream truck drive by. Belive me, I was careful to point that out to the landlord.

Here comes the good stuff.

I’m finally plowed out at about 7:00, or so I thought. I went down to get my car out of the garage. Oh, hello, the plowman left a huge pile directly in front of my garage door – only in front of my garage door. (I guess when your 12 hours late for a job you do it half assed) I shoveled for 40 minutes. Now, I also have a reserved parking spot that wasn’t plowed – again it was only my spot that wasn’t plowed, but I don’t use it so I guess I can’t really bitch, but I do believe it gives me the right to make him my new arch nemesis. So back to the garage… I open the garage door, panting and sweating from the nice brisk shoveling session and low and behold – a wonderful flat tire. The kids making the snowman a few dozen yards away may have learned a few new words in the next 30 seconds, in fact i’m sure they did.

Today, bought a new shovel. Bought 4 new tires. Bought soap to wash my mouth out with. Still wishing I bought a snowmobile, but Mr. VISA bill said that wasn’t happening.

Happy Holidays.