adding insult to injury

Scriptable Bluetooth cellphone remote

Remember when I said I wanted a bluetooth iTunes remote for my T681? Well, Jonas went and built it, with a couple cool features.

First and geekmost foremost it’s scriptable. So you can add features to the phone part of the app that can control any AppleScriptable application – that’s most every application if you didn’t know.

A cool feature is the proximity sensor. It’s a feature that performs an action when it finds a phone, or a known phone looses contact. So, when you walk into a room your iTunes music starts, or your email program launches, or you computer says “welcome home Dave”, or (if you have devices) the lights come on, or the shades open; well, you get the idea. It’s Bill Gates style house automation on a budget.

All you need is a Bluetooth mac, a sony t68i phone (currently free with activation at amazon) and the Sony Ericsson Clicker system extension.