adding insult to injury

Royal Flop

I witnessed my first Royal Strait Flush playing Limit Texas Hold ’em online last night – odds of a drawing one in 7 card poker is 1 in 30,940. The guy who hit it on the river won over my full house – sevens full of queens – for a bad beat. He won a pot of only $110 at a $5-$10 “play money” table — 9 people at the table. He was on the short stack at the time. After the miracle hand he went on tilt, trying to push people around at the table like he was the chip leader just because he pulled a Royal Flush out his ass and actually won a hand. About 15 minutes later I had him all in and took him down with an Ace high cause I was sure he was bluffing the flush. His hole cards were a seven and a three off-suit. Sucker.

This concludes my “words I heard watching the WPT on TV” post. Also, I suck at poker.