adding insult to injury

Quesadillas anyone?

And now for a joke that’s funny to exactly 10 people.

“Did I fucking say anything about any fucking quesadillas?”

Here’s my attempt at the story behind the photo. You should know that there is no way of telling it without ending with “You kinda had to be there”.

Ok, so it’s day one of the softball season and we’re going go to drink some beer afterward because, well, that’s what you do after softball. Our team is sponsored by local watering hole called Jimmy’s – so naturally we always go there after the game. V had to run an errand and then he was going to meet us. The shirts all say Jimmy’s on the front, every one said things like “going to Jimmy’s”, “see you at Jimmy’s” etc, but V thought we all went to Howies. If you’re wondering why Howies, because as you know Howies in a entirely different town – believe me, we all wondered the very same thing. So he’s wondering around Howies, alone, for like 10 minutes, thinking we’re playing a trick on him. He finally gives up the search and calls Noel. Keep in mind by this point he’s starving. He asks Noel to order him a burger so it’s ready for him when he actually makes it to Jimmy’s, and Noel replies: “We’ve got some extra Quesadillas here if you want some”. Nice enough gesture, but V responds with the now infamous:
“Did I fucking say anything about any fucking quesadillas?”

We cant make it 20 minutes into a game with out some sort of quesadilla joke.

See, I told you ya had to be there.