Pimp My FurnaceI awoke to a 60 degree house on Thursday morning. I thought i could fix it myself so I convinced a wholesaler to sale me a hot surface igniter. I replaced mine, because that’s what happened last time my furnace was on the fritz. That didn’t fix it so I called the HVAC guy over. 6 hours later he tells me it’s my Flame sensor and he’ll need to fix it. $180 dollars later all he did was sand the corrosion off the sensor and it worked fine. Sweet my furnace works, but he then saw another $488 problem. The draft inducer motor was cracked and carbon monoxide is likely leaking into my house. A quick call to my favorite uncle and he replaced the plastic leaky motor with a shinny new aluminum one for less than 1/3 the cost. Nice. Now my house is warm and I’m not dying a slow death from carbon monoxide. Also nice.