adding insult to injury

Pheasant Hunt

I went pheasant hunting last weekend and realized that computing does nothing to prepare leg muscles for a walk through waist high weeds and swamps for 10 miles. Yeah who knew? Anyway, I didn’t even pull the trigger on a bird even though we saw a fair amount. It was the first time I’d hunted pheasant before, they aren’t prevalent where I grew up. I had one good chance to get a rooster, but it was right after we jumped 2 hens (can’t shoot those) and it flew strait out from me so I couldn’t really make out the sex.

Part of my lack of pheasant hunting skill could be attributed to our *cough* seasoned veteran who lead by example. When a bird jumped up he shot in the direction of a house, missed the bird, and fell into a ditch all at the same time. It would have defiantly made an OLN out-take. He said this all happened because he wan’t use to the 20 gauge – riiiiiight.

We had two dogs with, one was quite good, the other didn’t know why the heck we were walking in the woods. Maybe I should get my own. This little guy is for sale at work today, it’s too tempting.