adding insult to injury

Personal Instant Replay

Soon I’ll join the realm of people who don’t watch live TV. I’ve just ordered a Series2 TiVo from Amazon. I had a coupon for 6 months free service, and TiVo has a $50 mail in rebate (Tip: buy by Dec 31), so the 40 hour unit was down into impulse buy range. It wont get here until the 10th, so if you notice a severe lack of posts thereafter, it’s because I’ve discovered that there actually is good stuff on extended basic, it’s just I was never watching the right channel and the right time.

Ok, truth be told, this is the only thing keeping me from buying a Home Theater Projector – an item that costs considerably more money. My money conscience is obviously very easily persuaded.

Update: Estimated Shipping Date: Jan 5th. Crap.
Update 2: Shipped Dec 30. Sweet.
Update 3: Crap. 2 years of waiting to get a TiVo, and now rumors are again pointing to apple building one of their own pvr’s called an iBox, with a DVD burner and wireless. Oh, well it will not be as cheap as my TiVo.
Update 4: Hah! Apple didn’t release iBox. My TiVo will still rule.