I received the following email at work. Damn we must be broke.

We are asking every one to POWER OFF your work stations when you leave at the end of each day.

If your work area has supplemental lighting TURN IT OFF. If you do not have a [valid] reason to leave your PC on TURN IT OFF by completing a proper shut-down. Monitors can be shut down at any time, just push the button and TURN IT OFF.

Our company electricians confirmed an average PC consumes about $0.40 of electricity per day.

With our approximate 300 PC’s in use that translates to $120.00 daily, or $60.00 each day during the week if we shut down at the end of each day.

Lets say the average wage of an employee with a computer is 12 dollars (probably a low guess). On average it takes about 2 minutes to shut down a PC. 300 x 2 = 600 minutes. 600 minutes is 10 hours. 10 X $12.00 = $120.00. Our attempts to save money are actually costing us about twice as much as the proposed savings.