I received a call early this morning. It was Ozzy, and he is in Jail. “Tim, I’m in Jail, charged with MDF, I need money to bail me out.” he said in a very calm, bored voice.

What’s MDF I asked? Meanwhile I’m trying to figure it out in my head:

  • MDF, Hmmm?
  • Milf De… no that can’t be it.
  • Multiple drunkin … hmmm still not right.

Apparently his employer had him “Arrested” and cuffed at work. They put him in a paddy wagon, and took him to a mock jail in a hotel. They also provided him with a cell phone to make calls to raise money for muscular dystrophy foundation. He has to raise enough money to get out of “Jail”.

Be forewarned, if you know Ozzy, you’ll be getting a call soon.