adding insult to injury

Optimus Deployed, A-Team Not Necessary

I was enraged with Bush regarding an obvious oversight in planning the “Showdown with Saddam”. If there has ever been a more obvious time to bring in The A-Team, I’ve never seen it.

You laugh, but the Iraqi army is a perfect adversary for the A-Team. If you watched the timeless 80’s sitcom you no doubt remember the hundreds of criminals that would shoot aimlessly at the A-Team. Not surprisingly, none were ever able to actually hit anything. Similarly, the Iraqi anti-aircraft weapons continuously shoot at plane’s over Bagdad, and just as the A-Team’s adversaries, can’t hit shit (I’m not even going to touch the SCUDS).

I was actually formulating a letter to the President to inform him of this military mistake, when I was informed that he had in fact deployed Optimus Prime (no joke) in their stead.

Bravo Mr. Bush, bravo.

Update: Ok, this is just getting out of hand. Saddam Better watch out.