The more I think about the Laid Off Blogger idea I was playing with yesterday, the more I think I shouldn’t do it. For one, this sounds like a perfect job for a laid off blogger and would alienate myself from the group by having a day job. Secondly, the recession is showing signs of recovery and many of the once laid off bloggers are now getting jobs (go Ernie!) so it would appear I would have a declining user base (good luck to those of you still unemployed). Third, if this was going to be done it should have been done like 14 months ago. So, I will only go as far as to have a laid off blogger links section on my site, and leave the records public domain for anyone who wants to make the site idea work.
Wouldn’t it be the perfect job for some laid off dot-commer (i hate that term)? Think about it, it is the exact opposite of the job market for their industry so whenever they get laid off, presumably many others would be laid off too; essentially boosting the sites user and cash flow when the developer of the site is at the greatest need. Oh who am I kidding, that would never make any money.