adding insult to injury

No, I Was Not Attacked By Tigers

I have one of those braun self cleaning electric shavers, and have enjoyed it for over a year now. Its “microscreen” is showing wear and has a small portion of it missing. This missing portion was letting too much skin through so the shaver began biting my face – causing numerous tiny cuts. “No problem”, I thought. “I’ll just use my old strait razor — from um, two years ago.”

I pulled out the rusty blade, washed it off and went to work on my grizzly eight-o-clock shadow. Things were going ok, albeit a little snaggy and chafey, but it was still knocking down the stubble.

I washed off and took a look at my work. Shit. I looked like Roy after his tiger attack (caution graphic footage). Apparently rusty, dull razors give you razor burn from hell. Who knew?

If anyone needs me I’ll be getting a tetnis booster in the emergency room.