I’ve been slowly over the past 12 months accumulating some new golf gear. The latest is a new driver that sounds like an Easton aluminum bat when hit. It’s a Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS. They have a deal from now through the end of June where you buy a driver and you get a free 3 wood. From now on, when I go to the driving range I’ll just call it BP.

New Driver

My old driver, TaylorMade 320Ti was sliding out the hosel and had lost some distance after I got it repaired (see also: getting old, wussy excuses). Besides (he says self justifyingly) I haven’t owned a 3 wood since high school, so I figured I was due for both. The deal was all too tempting. I had planed on getting the new 2009 Burner after reading good reviews and seeing the aforementioned deal, but I was all over the screen on the simulator when I tested it out.

The Austad’s salesman suggested the Cleveland and I saw much better results (same price, same free club deal). Time will tell if the simulator results apply in the real world.

Moving on. For my birthday early last winter I got a new putter. It’s a Taylor Made Rosa Daytona 34″.

new putter

The final purchase of the 2008 – 2009 off season was a steal on ebay. It’s a Callaway / Grey Goose golf bag. Though, now that I’m playing it, everyone seems to think I’m a raging alcoholic rather than a player good enough to get a sponsor.

New Golf Bag

“Sheesh, how many bottles you have to drink to get that thing?”