adding insult to injury

Need Help Avoiding Fast Food?

I know you all feel guilty for stopping in for a Super Size Fries or munching on the occasional fast food crabby patty now and again, but the situation is probably much worse than a few Atkins violations or busting over your Jenny Craig points max for the day. For example, a woman found half a worm in her baked potato at Wendys – I’m sure you can figure out where the other half went.

God help you if you love Burger King. The 100 sampled by msnbc rang up a whopping 241 total critical violations. Health inspectors cited a Virginia Burger King for 14 separate critical violations, including employees not washing their hands, uncovered food in the fridge, grime and debris found on this ice chute, and on the drink machine at the drive-thru widow. And lets not talk about the whole pissing on the food story where 19 people were fired for doing just that – at one Burger King.

This stuff just came up in the past few weeks, I didn’t even try to dig up old violations. One last thing, a google news search for the word restaurant returns 7 results for people shot in fast food joints, one was for a paintball raid, but still, if the food wont kill you, the employees will.

I’m off to McDonalds for lunch.