adding insult to injury

NASA Robot Wars

Ok, NASA now has two, 384 pound robot rovers on Mars. They’re cruising about, “performing experiments” to reportedly look for signs of water and martians.

Yeah right. Think about it. A room full of MIT geniuses with a billion dollars at their disposal – what are they going to build? Exactly.

This is all a giant cover up for a geeked out long distance robot war. Just like the trip to the moon was just to build hype for the Star Wars and Star Trec movies to air in the ’70’s.

I’ll be taking bets on which robot wins. Odds are 3 to 1 in favor of Opportunity. Spirit has been having technical difficulties; whereas, Opportunity has had only one problem, a “heater” that keeps turning on unnecessarily. My sources tell me that this is in fact a flame thrower that the uber’s are testing out, prepping for battle.