adding insult to injury

My car has ears (update 3)

coverI’ve been talking about trading my car in for a truck for a couple years, but I don’t think my car new that until yesterday. I mumbled out loud, “I should just trade this piece of crap in for a truck”. Big mistake.

Mere minutes after the words spewed out, my check battery light comes on. So I took it in for repair, because I knew the battery is ok – I had replaced it in the fall. It needs $750 worth of work. New alternator and a bad wheel bearing problem. I’m only going to do about $300 of it, clean it up, and start looking into what I can get for a trade in. I checked blue book and the trade in on it wont cover what I owe, so I have to sell it to a third party. They were nice enough to make me a for sale sign.cover


Drove home in the loner car. I was propositioned by lazadies at nearly every corner, what a whore magnet. I’ve even had 3 people stop by the house to ask for crack, just because the lincoln is parked out front. It aint easy bein’ a gangsta.

Update 2:

I got a call from the body shop today. Great news. They opened the hood outside for some unknown reason – it’s called a garage isn’t it?. Apparently a gust of wind, bent the hell out of it enough so it hit, and broke the windshield. They’re fixing it, but I’ll be driving the town car a little longer. This just goes to show ya, pimpin’ aint easy.

Update 3

coverMy new hood will be ready on monday. The hood isn’t as bad as I expected, and the car is totally drivable. I picked it up this morning and will be driving it with a dented, perforated hood. They cut a piece out of the hood so they can color match the paint. They put the windshield in yesterday, which has had an air leek in it since I bought it and truly needed to be replaced anyway – it’s kind of a good deal.

They were genuinely sorry about the situation. I thought I was going to get a hug from the guy how messed it up in the first place – he seemed a little choked up too. I guess they love cars over there.