The Caption Machine has been in a few more publications as of late. Apparently it’s hip with the kids down-under because it is mentioned as a fresh site in this month’s NetGuide Magazine (it’s on their website too). It was also in the tech section of the Huston Chronicle. Read on to see the article.

There lurks within many the desire to be a writer. Perhaps a children’s book, murder mystery or steamy romance novel has been aching to get out and into the world — but you just haven’t made time for it. Here’s a suggestion for doing some writing and getting it published, and it doesn’t take that much time. The Caption Machine, at, is a site with lots of pictures that are undeniably great photo opportunities, intended or otherwise. You choose the picture or pictures for which you want to create a caption, and just write away. Better yet, if you have a picture that you think deserves a caption from around the world, you can upload it to the site. There is a link to a page that tells you all about how to go about getting it from your place to their place in space. Some of the captions are on the edge but the majority of them are creative and show just how talented folks really can be.