Landmark Theaters and Microsoft today announced that they are equipping 177 screens in all 53 Landmark Theaters across the United States with digital cinema playback systems based on Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series.

Movie goers can now expect films that have really crappy digitized playback, quit half way through, and frequently suggest popcorn and ju-ju-bee enhancements – in the middle of movie. Another new enhancement that again will be displayed while the movie is playing, is a suggestion window that urges you to upgrade to Movie Theater Pro™.

Theater patrons can also expect popup previews for unrelated films that come on at unexpected points in the movie. These suggested movies will require you to go to a newer, more expensive theater to watch.

Of course, any or all of these new features will be accompanied by a frequent occurrence where the entire theater screen will go entirely blue blue; asking you to put down your popcorn, hit the reset button on the front stage and start the movie from the beginning.