I’ve always had a tendency to confuse Memorial Day with Labor Day, but this year made me think I was right all along.

Friday after work I headed over to a friends house to help sod his yard. He titled it a “Sod Party” and spread the word that beer would be provided. These are two key factors ensure a large, driven crew. The malt liquor fuel’d sodders made short work of the dozen palates, which left plenty of time to eat the grilled food and finish the keg. The sod party plan was a success.

Ryan, the foreman of the Shingle the Roof From Hell project, failed to use key phrases and bribery techniques like beer and party resulting in a crew that was heavily under-maned. Note: yesterday’s orders of “Green side up” are much less complicated that re-shingling a house. To compound the lack of good worker problem and the fear of plummeting to my death problem, the Sod Party from the night before and my post sod party shenanigans left me dehydrated. Dizzy, shaky, and queezy are not terms you want to use to describe how you’re feeling when your hanging 25 feet in the air off the roof of the house. 11 hours later we called it quits (praying that it doesn’t rain) and drove to Isle for my dads birthday party.

I then spent much of Sunday morning preping my truck for the 4th of July Show and Go Weekend (pictures and explanation later).

Back to the Shingle the Roof from Hell project that afternoon, re-hydrated and a much better worker this time. We made some good progress and called it quits by about 8:30 for the weekend. We were happy with how far we had come.

Monday was a day of catch-up. I spent all morning doing work on my apartment and car that I’d been putting off for weeks. Then I spent the afternoon relaxing at the females parents house, but that was after a 3 hour wash/wax session of her car. I think if she had a choice between a clean car and world peace it would be a tough decision for her.

Anyway, my computer geek body was happy to be outside and working just like the old days at Conner Excavating. Now I have to spend the rest of the week trapped in my 8’x8′ cell cubicle. Damn.