adding insult to injury

March Madness 2004

I’m in three bracket pools. I’m in first place in two of them with 20 of 24 games correct, neither are very big at all. In the third I’m in 1,288th place with 22 of 24 correct.

I love the Madness!

Note: Yes, Ozzy, I’m waiting to see who wins the tourney to see what bandwagon to jump on and what hat to buy. So shut it.

Update: Thanks Kentucky… and Stanford… and NC State… and Maryland… and — oh we’d be here all night if I thank all the teams that I picked wrong! I’m now in 47,000th place and nolonger leading the small pools. Every damn year.

Update 2: Don’t call it comeback, um, baby! I somehow won the two local pools that I was in – one by a landslide no less (ok so there were only 3 people in the pool), the other by 9 points. I also finished in the top 10% of my nationwide pool so me and 14,000 other people get to share a free hat or something. Here’s the bad news, we’ve now entered the week that I go though b-ball withdrawal — I just noticed cbs sportsline has live video feeds of the Masters Driving range, I guess I could start a pool for that since I can’t watch the Twins.