Last week I had Friday off because we were going to road trip to KC to watch the Twins and visit some friends. The plans fell though, but I ended up having a blast anyway. Thursday I went out with some friend to see G.B Leighton. It was a pretty good show and a drama-less night – which is nice.

G.B Seems to be the mecca location for bachelorette parties. This is probably because he tends to make serious fun of all of them. Sidenote: What’s the deal with the new requirement that all bride-to-be’s must carry one or many giant inflatable, uhh, male appendages? I guess guys don’t feel the need to match the ladies on this tradition because they’ll end up somewhere where they’ll see the real thing anyway – which I’m told is much better than inflatable.

And were back… The next day I went down to a friends place in Minneapolis, who has a swank apartment overlooking the Walker Art Center. We spent the day on the deck and then headed down to another even more swank apartment overlooking the Hennepin Block Party. From there we got to see Martin Zellar and the Bodeans after dinner at Kiernan’s Bar where I ran into Ozzy’s sister.

Once the concerts were over we hit the usual warehouse district bars and played big buck hunter. What? Isn’t’ that was everyone else does downtown?