adding insult to injury

Lets get Cassell to the All Star Game

Ok folks. I’ll admit at that during preseason, Sam Cassell was a bit of a let down for me. I expected too much too soon, and hey I had to pick a player on the team that I hate. Well boy was I wrong. Cassell can get it done, night in and night out. He’s earned the Western Conference player of the week, and has been brutal to guard.

He’s earned it. His numbers prove it. SEND HIM TO THE ALL STAR GAME — oh, and vote for KG while your there too (he’s currently the 5th most vote getter – we can do better than that!). Vote daily, you only have 4 days left. Get your students to vote. Tell everyone that Cassell deserves it. Go to your local library and vote from each computer there. Use any means possible.