existingdrain.JPG.jpgMy dad and I rented a jack-hammer and a concrete wet saw to burrow our way through my basement floor for the washer drain relocation project. As I’ve mentioned before I’m moving the laundry room in my basement so I can have an office; currently I have a laundry room and a separate furnace room. After the move the laundry and furnace will be in the same room.

The biggest obstacle was busting out the concrete to move the drain about 5 feet. We also ran the new 220 power to the dryer and ran new waterlines for the washer and wash tub. It took us all day saturday, and I still have a few minor things left. One of which is ducting in a new dryer vent and the move will be complete.

After that, the next step in the basement is the duct work for the cold air returns. Then it will be ready for inspection. Once I pass inspection I’ll put in all the low voltage wiring (cat 5, coax, phone, fiber). Then sheet-rock, finally.