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Ok, we’ve got propane, a dejected, “we’re not locals” feeling and it’s time to head to the resort/bar. They let us plug-in the battery charger – for free – in the bait shop while we ate and boozed it up at the bar. Nice folks, even gave us some venison beef jerky to try. A couple of beers in came strange incident number two. I had to go the the bathroom, it was a one stall-er, and barely enough room for a throne and a sink. I neglected to lock the door. I was just about to ‘start’ when the door bust open and in walks a large toothless man – he’s hovering about 1 inche behind me. Most humans would quietly exit and wait their turn, this hairy hog thought it was a good time to start a conversation. I’m not prone to stage fright but this was a bit much.

Toothless: Man I gots a huge bladder, maybe I shouldn’t hold this in so long, my prostate is got to be screaming right now…
Me: _to myself_ what the fuck?
Toothless: Hey, you don’t start grunting that piss out faster, you’re going to feel something warm in your back pocket.
Me: Yeah, funny. _to myself WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?_
Toothless: There we go boy… looking good…
Me: _finally urinating – extremely glad my knife is in my front pocket._
Toothless: Wow, you’ve got a great bladder too your prosta….
Me: _Interupting_ You mind, I’m working here. Thanks.
Me: _to myslef_ holy hell doesn’t he know the unwritten rules? Zip up and exit.

I returned to the table were the two other guys with on the trip had nearly pissed themselves laughing at the fact that the guy went in, let alone the conversation that took place. I think I’ll hold it for the ice from here on out.

After that, we spent some time playing a 1984 version of deer hunter the arcade game and teaching a some drunkin’ folks to play euchre with limited success at either.

We headed back to the fishouse. Troy had never seen an eelpout so we decided to catch one. In the time it took for Troy to go outside and take a leak, patches had caught one. We took pictures.

We fished, taught euchre, and played rummie until about 4 in the morning. Went to bed.

At this point it was Hours awake: 44, hours of sleep: one-ish.

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