St. Cloud is about 70 miles north-west of the Twin Cities, and thus 70 miles from the nearest Krispy Kreme. The status of a Krispy Kreme doughnut or any Krispy Kreme contraband in St. Cloud can be compared to other exclusive culinary delectables such as imported Russian Caviar.

People display their wrappers and Krispy Kreme hats like trophy’s or a souvenir from an exclusive vacation – status symbols. The Krispy Kreme memorabilia perform the same purpose as do postcards from said vacations. You know, the postcards that say “Wish you were hear” but really mean “Ha ha suckers trapped in the Minnesota tundra, I’m on the beach you sorry SOB!”

I see opportunity. I’m going to open a Krispy Kreme re-distribution franchise/lemonade stand here in St. Cloud. Hire commuters to pick up my KK supply and use kids to do the selling – because child labor is cost effective and cute kids sell sweets like crazy. Riches here I come.