Ken Bereskin, a Mac OS X product manager, has a weblog chock full of Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2)tips and features you may not have known about. If you are running Jaguar or thinking about upgrading, it’s definitely worth a look.

Speaking of worth a look, it seems that Unix buffs are converting to Mac OS X in droves. I remember back at the Strictly Business show in Minneapolis in 1999, before OS X beta was out, I was in a small session with about 12 people and one happened to be none other than Jon “Mad Dog” Hall, the legendary executive director of Linux International. It seems that O’Reilly has an article every other week that touts the greatness of OS X and how many of their Unix peeps are switching to the Mac. Heck, O’Reilly’s even putting on a Mac OS X Conference. Throw in all the hoopla about open source tools and the Fink project – and there’s almost no reason to even own a *nix box.